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The relationship between participants and their horses is the foundation for healing.  The building of this relationship helps participants overcome fears and develop trust.  The primary reason we use horses in our program is that a horse will react or respond to a person's behavior in much the same way that another person will.  But a horse responds only to what a person is doing in the present, rather than what he or she did in the past or what he or she may do in the future.  As participants take personal responsibility for the outcomes in their relationships with their horses, they begin to understand how their thoughts, feelings and behaviors affect all their other relationships.


Why A Horse

Our Approach

The activities employed on any given day are based on the individual or group, their capabilities, needs and desires.  The outreach is about experiencing healing through relationship. 

We merely use horses as a conduit to connect human-to-human and heart-to-heart.


Program Elements

•  Equine Safety & Care

•  Natural Horsemanship Principals & Skills

•  Ground work

•  Riding

•  Crafts & Games

•  Fishing

•  Hiking Trails

•  Food & Fellowship

He heals the


and binds up

their wounds.

       Psalm 147:3

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